Saturday, December 6, 2008

babies from heaven

I just posted this comment on a girls blog that I go to church with.
I have taken out the names so it is a little different, but how it all happened is the same.

Through this tough time of year it is what i cling too.
It is almost too hard to think about daddy never getting to love my babies here, but to imagine that he has known and loved them from the start of their precious, precious lives is a great gift to me.
To think of all the love they miss from him here on earth is almost too much for me to bare.
So the thought of him knowing and loving them first up there, seems only right.
As much as he loved me....he loved them that much too.
It may not REALLY be the way it works, but how great would it be if it did.
This is going to be lengthy but here goes.
This is how my precious Tay explained to me how babies get here from heaven.

I got pregnant with Taylor about 2 months after my daddy and that, I truly believe was the only thing, aside from God of course, that got me through.
It was Gods grace and Him blessing me with Taylor that kept me sane.

So when I got pregnant with Megan 2 years later, we asked Tay what she wanted, a boy baby or a girl baby.

Now keep in mind when she was 2 or 3, she was really about 40. lol.
No really.
I had and elderly lady tell me one time at the beauty shop we were at that she was an old soul trapped in a little girls body. I have always believed that.

So on to my story,
when the questioned was asked her, what kind of baby she wanted, she replied” what ever paw paw mike wants us to have” I said what do you mean, you know paw paw is up in heaven, and she said “I know. He is up there with Jesus right now picking out our baby from the garden”

So at this point I was really interested in what my 2 year old was teaching me about how heaven works.

She then began to tell me how Jesus let the people in heaven who loves you the most go with Him to the BIG garden up there and pick out the little babies to send down here to make us happy.

I sat there crying as I am now, in awe of the sweetness of her idea of how she got here, and of how wonderful the thought of that is.
That even from heaven the people we love so dear, the ones that know us the best, gets to be a part of the most wonderful gift we receive.
Our babies.

I know that it must somehow be true, because the 2 babies I was so blessed to give birth too, are the most perfect fit for me. I could not have done a better job if would have gotten to special order them myself.

So at this time of year maybe the thought of your granny, momma, daddy, grand daddy or who ever you have loved and lost, being up there smiling down on you will bring you peace.

Because that is what brings me comfort.
For I miss my daddy more than most can imagine.

Maybe the thought of them not being able to be here to love your baby on earth, brings us such saddness, but thinking that they did get to love them there, in Heaven is a HUGE gift.

They loved you and them SO much that they picked that perfect baby out, out of all the babies to send to you and to me.

How great is our God!

I am blessed every time I think back to the innocent conversation with Taylor so many years ago.
Doesn't God know EVERYTHING we need right when we need it.
I needed that encouragement then as much as I do now!
God loves me that much!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Some of my favorite photos for photo friday!

I am not sure of the rules for photo Friday, but these are some of my favorites of my baby girls.
Meg: 6mo, 3, 2 and 9
Tay and I in 1997.
She was 1 & 1/2.
(don't ya just gotta love glamour shots!)

Tay : 6mo, 2 ,3 and 12

Taylor has loved Meg from the moment she seen her on the ultrasound video. She use to call her "Baby Tadpole".

She thought Meg was her very own present from Santa that year, 1998.... could she be more proud? I do not think so!

Where do the years go and oh my how they fly by.

That music......

in the stores is ALREADY driving me crazy. Along with alot of other girls, i have been reading alot of blogs where girls have taken the "vow".
The "vow"... that sounds mysterious hu?
The vow i am talking about is the "no bah hum bug vow". That sounds even funnier.
I have promised my self secretly,
{for I do not want to give my family false hope, lol}
that I will not let the materialistic part of Christmas or the stress of the hustle and bustle of it all get me CRAZY!!
But this stinking music in EVERY store you go in is just about to much to bare.
I mean come on, how may ways can you sing JINGLE BELLS, Winter Wonderland, Silent Night, and let us not forget The Little Drummer Boy?
and why do they have to a different beat and different styles of music, for EVERY song and.......i could go on and on but I think you get my point.

With the exception of the Little Drummer Boy, that one has always gotten on my nerves, I love all the other ORIGINAL songs.
Do we REALLY need that many versions of the same songs?
I am all about revamping and making things better, but COME ON!!
Ok,........................I have taken a breath and recited the "vow" in my head, I am back and I am better.
So on to Christmas. Is anyone as sick of hearing Happy Holidays as I am? Like it is a crime to say or write MERRY CHRISTMAS!
I guess they think just because it has Christ in it, for fear of offending someone, we should just drop the Christmas and make it Happy Holidays.
HELLOO, the Holiday is CHRISTMAS!!!
And when I see Merry X-Mas.........oh, don't even.
Well I am offended, they (who ever "they" are) are taking God and Christ out of everything and we just sit idly by and fuss about it. I do anyway. I mean I jump up on top of my soap box and dance around about things that infuriate me, but what do I really do to make it better. A whole lot of nothin'.
Ok, the laundry is calling my name. That is my rant for the day....I hope.
I hope my family does not read this and find out I have made a promise to be sweet and not get stressed till after Christmas, they will try to hold me to it.
So shhh, mums the word!!

It is 1 am....

and here I am on the computer. I need to be in the bed but as you can read.......I am not.
It has been forever since I have written anything on here, and this will come as a shock to anyone who knows me....but I am at a loss for word to type.
I mean it seems like every time I get on here, I begin to talk about sad things and the past.
I am telling y'all, winter does NOT bring out the best in me.
I feel gloomy all the time. I need sun, fun and the pool!
I am thankful for so many things this year.

I am thankful that after 4 LONG years of fighting in court we finally on December 4, 2007 received custody of my 2 wonderful step sons.
It sounds awful to me to say "step" but that is what they are, even though I love them as much as if i had given birth to them, I would never take that title,...Regardless of the situation, they have a mother.......and we will leave it at that.
I know with my girls having a step mother, it would be hard for me to hear them call her mom. I guess I am selfish, but I work hard to earn and keep that special place in their hearts, and to be the only one they call "mommy".
So anyway,
I am thankful the boys are finally home and safe and their dad and I can rest easy at night knowing they are happy, ok and they are where they want to be.
I am thankful for my family and our health this year.
I am grateful to have a mother that even though we may fuss and disagree she is here and in my life daily.
It has not been all that many years ago that we were not even talking to each other.
So PRAISE GOD for reconciliation.
I am grateful for a church and a wonderful pastor, pastor's wife and their children. We have come to love boy #1 very much.
God is good to me and I forget to say it as often as I should.
I am grateful to have a husband that loves me like no bodies business!
He loves me when I don't even like me. Do not get me wrong, he can be a turd.........but he loves me.
It is a great feeling to know that no matter what you can trust the man you are married too. He is a faithful man that reassures me every day how beautiful he thinks I am and how loved I am by him.
Having a few bad relationships makes you appreciate the good ones alot more.
In the hard time I have to remind myself that God tell us in all things give thanks. Even when it is hard and not so fun, thank Him then too. I know i forget to do that sometimes.
When it is hard, i wallow in self pity and the "bigness" of the situation.
I forget to look up and say thank you for the breath in my body.
Thank you for the home I have.
Thank you for the family I have.
Thank you for the food I have to prepare for my children.
In stead of sometimes fussing when it is time to cook , be thankful I have food TO cook my family, and remember all the mothers in the world that would be grateful to be able to cook for their family, but they have nothing to cook for them.
So I am doing it now and pray that I never let a day go by without remembering to do so,

thank you for all you do for me, give me, let me be and let me do.
Thank you for my husband, children and mother.
Thank you for IB Church and the friends we have there.
I pray that every day you draw me closer to you and show me your will and plan for my life.
Thank you father for your love and salvation.

I know I know, for someone at a loss for words.........yea I know!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Reunion in Heaven.....

My ex-sister in law sent this to me today and I thought it was too funny.
{read this last}

Now on to my blessed Saturday,
Ok, I got to spend the day with some of the ladies at our church today. It was the ladies on the food committee, and i had a great time. I wish it could have been for happier circumstances.
It was for a after funeral dinner for my daughters step- great- grandmother and a member of our church.
Mrs.Jolley; She was 100 years and 7 months old.
As I sat there listening to the preachers talk about her and her life and how she had been saved for more than 86 years, all the things in her life she came to see pass, it was almost more than i could take.

As they described what a loving, Godly woman she was, I began to think of the times I was in her home and how kind and sweet she was too me.
I am the ex- wife of her NEW grandson-in-law.
( well about 9 years now, but still... the EX-wife)
Granted, if you know us, you know that we are not the "norm" of divorced families. We all have a VERY different relationship that most divorced families. We spend holidays, birthdays and any other time we can as a family.
We came to realize, it is not about us( my ex husband, his wife, me or my husband) it is ALL about our kids.
My ex-husband has a precious new baby {well, she is almost 3, but still our baby} that I love like she is mine.
God has given us a gift in our relationship. I love his new wife and thank God for our relationship that He healed and gave to us.
My daughters look at us and know that they are ok to love us all with out fear of hurting one set of parents or the other, and that is a good freedom to have. To be free to love everyone the same. God is a healing, giving and compassionate God.
God is good.

Grandma did not have to be the arm opened woman that she was to me, but she was.I thank God that she loved my daughters like they were her own flesh and blood, and OH MY how they loved her.

I pray today that God gives her family peace and comfort in the days and years ahead.
To keep His arms wrapped tightly around them and reassure them daily, that she is better off and know each time they think of her know that she is rejoicing with Him right now,in that exact moment.

My youngest daughter Megan, who is 10, has a hard time dealing with death and separation. On Wednesday night when I broke the news to them, she and I sat and cried for quite a while. I tried to explain to her that grandma Jolley was probably up in Heaven right now telling my daddy all about his beautiful, sweet grand daughters. The more I tried to console her, the worse I got. Just the thought of her being in heaven talking with my daddy, bragging on how much she loved the girls and catching him up on the things he has missed, was more than I could take.

You see, this is how I cope with death and loosing someone I love. I believe that God allows the people they loved the most that has already gone home, to be the one to come and get them. That when we go to sleep and open our eyes, the one we loved the most is the one there to take us to heaven to see Jesus.
He allows them to tell the ones who have missed so much all the great things that has gone on. To fill them in on all our good things in our life. So every time I loose someone I love, I am sure daddy gets to sit around and talk about the ones he loves the most, his babies. To take pride and joy in our blessings and accomplishments here in this life on earth.

So as I told Meg that I am sure grandpa Jolley was the one who came to get grandma, I was praying and putting my request in that when the day comes, and it is my time, I hope my daddy is the one who comes and tells me it is my time to go and that Daddy is the one who gets to take me by the hand and lead me through the transition from her to there.
Oh how I miss him every day. It is a consolation to know where he is and that he is not suffering anymore, but my flesh takes over and my heart aches.
I am thankful to God that I still have my mother here with me, and i pray for grandmas children that have had to bury both their mother and their father. May God touch their hearts and comfort them.

I just want to say again how I enjoyed my day with the ladies. Thank you for making me and my family feel so welcome and a part of your church family.
I am thankful that God has brought me to this place I am in my life. To have given me my family, children, friends and church.
Thank you God for your blessings on my life.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Up late and.........

Well I am sitting here looking at our puppy Brody, and listening to Rik not so quietly sleeping, because HE DOES NOT SNORE, {haha}
and ESPN is blaring in the living room.

I have been reading blogs for about 2 hrs,
Lisa, i promise i was listening last
I did read the Bible already so on to my "mindless, alone, not so quiet, non-thinking bliss!! blogging!!! {sigh}

The kids are all at "the other" houses this weekend, so I feel all alone...well except for my hibernating bear on the couch.
I always say I need alone time...but truth is, I am not real comfortable when my babies are not here.

Another truth...I think I'd rather have 30 kids here than have my 4 gone anywhere.

Any way.....
I was reading some scriptures and I came upon some things that I had written and read in front of the congregation of a church that we were youth pastor's.
Once a month we had youth night and it was all about our youth and from time to time Rik would ask me to pray and get something together, well I prayed all the time, but you know what I mean, pray for God to reveal to me what He wanted me to say.

Well anyway, this one certain night it all began with the song by Casting Crowns "Who Am I".
Well, last night in our devotion lead by Sis Lisa, i listened to her talk at our Angles meeting, and she told us about a book she was reading and how in it...{i promise i was taking it all in} , the character{sorry you are going to kill me...but i cannot remember the name} was on a journey and he lost his scroll because he was taking a break and fell asleep on a bench where he lost his scroll..aka Bible. This bench was only meant for a rest, NOT a sleep, well she told us of how when he woke up and started back on his long journey up the steep mountain, he had not realized he had lost his scroll until he had almost reached the top.
He then turned around, retraced his steps until he found it and then began again...the whole time thinking to himself how much farther along he would have been if ONLY he had done what God had instructed him to do in the first place and if he had been more careful and faithful.

Well, it took me back to the message God had given me along time ago. There are times in our lives that we "leave" God somewhere, go on OUR journey alone, find ourselves in a hard spot without Him , have to turn around and retrace our steps and find Him.

NOT where He left us....but where WE left Him, and the whole time thinking to our much farther in life we would be if we had only listened to God and been more faithful.
God has promised us that He would never leave or forsake us, but have we, have I ever promised Him that?

I have been really searching myself lately and asking myself some tough questions:
1. Have I ever promised God the promises He has promised me?
2. Why am I not as faithful to Him as He is me?

I do not know why God is so good to me, I do not deserve it. I know the Bible tells me that we all fall short of the Glory of God, but geese, sometimes I do not even like me, and through all that God loves me more.

I know that there have been times in my life that I have went out on my own and made choices and the been like
"God, how could you have let this happen"and as sure as I am writing this tonight God has spoke to me and said "Let this happen, you never even asked for My help, YOU let this happen, you chose it".

Not for one second do I think that God is a mean Father.
I just know that in life, we have to get to the bottom sometimes, before we can look up....look up and see God. To realize He has been right there waiting for us to see Him and ask Him for the help to get back up and begin again.

I know in my life, I do not want to ask God about EVERY THING because some stuff seems like a no brainer....but those NO BRAINERS is what has gotten me in the most trouble along the way in my journey. God wants us to call on Him, little or big, He is there and cares about our every need and desire...........
I often think, Who am I that God would love me so much. Good or Bad, no matter what He is always right there with His arms opened wide waiting for me to run to Him. He is my comfort and my rock, just like my earthly daddy was. Ready to love me, see the good in me when I do not even see it in myself. Pick me up when I fall, brush me off and set me back on the path I need to be traveling. God is good! is WAY past my bed time. it is only showing 10:49 pm, but is is after midnight.....too late for me.
It is obvious.........longest post ever.
Maybe by anyone. ha ha
Anyone who knows me knows I can talk, and we all know I can type too. lol
Therapy......venting.......what ever is good. {sigh}

Monday, November 10, 2008


Good morning. I just want to start by saying I missed being at church yesterday morning. We went on a spur of the moment road trip to Mississippi. All my daddy's family live in Pontotoc, Ms, and that is where he is buried. I usually try to go about 5 or 6 times a year, keep in mind it only takes us about 3 1/2 hrs(maybe 4 if we have to make alot of pit stops, which this time we did!)to get there. We took our newest addition to the family, BRODY. He is our miniature Shih Tzu. No one has seen him yet and we cannot stand to think of him being cooped up in the house all alone for 1 full day and 2 we took him. But anyway, a friend of Rick's moved to Oxford, Ms to get married and go to Ole'Miss. Well we he got him a job at my cousins business and he called to tell us how much he loves it and how great my family is and how welcome they have all made him feel. WELL....that did it. Rick hung up the phone and i said"Let's go", he said, "NOW?!" Then i said"Yes, now!" Needless to say it took our kids all of 5 minutes to have their clothes, tooth brushes, ds's, ipod's, dvd player and pillows in the car. You see when I was a little girl we lived there and the people and the town is my favorite things on earth, {besides my mom, brother, husband and kids OF COURSE!!} and it is a favorite I have passed on to my husband and all 4 kids.
The town is the kind that I wish my, our, town was. Everyone works together to make it a better place to be and to raise kids in.
It was decorated for Fall. Every business in town and all the elementary classes made different types of scarecrows, it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. They have a big town square that is in the center of all the cute little stores and then big town hall and court house. In the center square is where all the schools' scarecrows were. I could go on all day but ....I think you get the point and the love I am am oooosing!
So we are home and part of my heart stayed behind.
Of course like always, the cemetery has to be the last stop to say good bye to Daddy and it kills me. That{the cemetery} has to be the hardest place on earth for me to go. Even though I miss and talk to him everyday, i guess it is the reality that goes along with the visit that is almost too much for me to bare. Walking away and getting in the car to leave feels like I am leaving him there alone.
This is an issue that I have that I am not sure is natural or if anyone else that has lost someone that they love more than life feels as well.
One day Ponototoc is where I will live and finally feel like I have "come home" too. Luckily, Rick and the kids love the thought of that as much as I do.
My family is great and I miss them
SOOOOOmuch when I am away too long.
We are going back in a few weeks for my cousins wedding and once again....I will have separation anxiety!
We are home and I want to thank God for a safe trip and a wonderful visit!!
PS:::by the way, a friend that I grew up with their and have always been close too when I visit, her mom has a Christmas tree farm and sells Christmas ornaments and other collectibles. I will give you the web site if you may want to go and look. My cousin is having a Christmas wedding and Saturday was her "Christmas" themed wedding shower, she received MANY gifts and alot were from the tree farm and a place different gift stores in town that order from a wonderful place called Southern living. This place has pottery pieces that are beautiful. You should take a look at both, they have wonderful things!! Hope you take a look and enjoy them as much as I do!! &

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jehovah Nissi....He reigns in VICTORY!!

These are some POWERFUL lyrics from one of my favorite songs. Every time I hear it i cannot help but become over whelmed. When i listen to this song and truly LISTEN to the lyrics, the Holy Spirit truly ministers to me in a HUGE way.
When I think of how Huge God is and how He is ALL things to me in literally breaks me in a way that i need broken. It brings me back to my knees and His feet.
We have to remember at this time in our lives and our country, that in ALL things God has promised us that He is in control. He is our provider, healer,peace, DELIVERER and most of all He WILL reign in VICTORY!!!
This is what we all have to remember to cling to and praise Him for. Give Him glory in all things. Things may not have turned out like we all may have wanted, BUT what we do have to remember is that GOD does NOT make mistakes, and even in this He is in control and it is for a reason.
God has given us a promise that He will not break.
He told us that good will come to all those who love and serve Him.
I have 4 children looking at me everyday, watching my actions and wondering how we will react to the country's decision on our new president. I am like alot of other people, what i disagree with it IS NOT because the winner is not white ;
It is what he and his party stands for. I feel like God has given us a responsibility as His children to uphold His commandments.
I would not have cared what color he is, he does not uphold God's law. THAT is what I have issues with.
With all that said, I have to try and teach my children that we accept all people no matter the color, to respect our elders and the leaders set in position above us.
What example will I be setting if i continually, everyday, whine and fuss and talk down or about the next president of the United States?
This is the question that keeps me in check.{in front of my 4 children with very open ears and watchful eyes}{LOL ...BUT really... i am trying}
Of course, anyone who knows ME knows, i tend to speak my mind on issues that I am passionate about.
It is either a blessing or curse, not sure.
We have to fight hard for what we believe and spread God's word and PRAY that He comes back soon, and pray that the next 4 years will be better that we all worry about, and remember that God is all things to all of us if we trust and seek Him.
Here are the lyrics that Rock my soul and bring me to my knees EVERY TIME i hear them.{ by the way, you can look up the song on u tube under Judy Jacobs videos. It is named Because of who you are.}{I hope you enjoy it as much as i do and you are blessed!!}
"Thank you, Jesus
Thank you, Lord
I Praise you, Lord
Because of who You are, I give you glory
Jehovah Jireh you are my provider
Jehovah Nissi you reign in victory
Jehovah Shalom you are my prince of peace
Jehovah Rapha you are my healer
Jehovah Shammah you are ALWAYS with me
Jehovah Sabaoth you are my strong deliverer"

Because of who you are I will give you Glory.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!! Let us all pray!

Ok girls it's the day we have all either been dreading or waiting for. My self, dreading. Anything that gives me more stress....i am always dreading. I get caught up in the moment of not being able to go to bed or sleep until I know what is going on.
Either way this goes tonight, I do know that God is in control and ALL things work out for the good if we trust and believe in Him. God is good and will see us through. All of that being said, There is a part of this CRAZY election process I am excited about.....working with Jenny today. As any of you know that has been reading my stuff, I have to do 10 hrs of community service for college, WELL I called and asked about helping out at the poll's today...and YES....she helped a SISTA'out!
So this is a win win for me, I get to talk to people all day, laugh and work with my buddy Jenny PLUS I get my hours logged in for school!! What can be better. Thanks girly. I'll let y'all know how it goes! Pray today for God's will to be done in this election for our country, and get out and VOTE! It is our right, responsibility and privilege.
Have a GREAT day!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Where does the time go? it just me or is everyone AMAZED that Thanksgiving, Christmas and January 1,2009 is just around the corner???? I know I am about to sound not only like my mother, but my GRANDMOTHER as well, WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? My children changing before my eyes, I not only look older but I feel older. My birthday is coming up on Christmas day,although I will only be 34 I am hoping it is true what they say that when you hit the big 4~0: You will find life is as it should be, you know who you are and are comfortable in your own skin. Not looking forward to being 40, just all the perks I have "heard" that comes with them. LOL Keep in mind I do not think 40 is old by any means, keep in mind , my father was 22 years older than my mom, so old has always been like 80 to me, BUT the older I get the "old" # keeps going up!!! lol
I just know when I am 40, my babies will be 19, 18, 18 and 16. I am not ready for them not to be my babies anymore. But I am excited however, God willing, to see them grow and find their own paths in life, spouses, careers and babies of their own. {I could wait about 20 years to be GRAN!! that cannot go without being said!!}
I never knew that I would have the privilege to raise 4 kids. I knew I always wanted a big family, but when the girls dad and I divorced, I thought that the 2 beautiful girls God had blessed me with would be it, BUT OH NO!!!, He had other plans for me. I guess this goes back to the old"God has a better plan for your life than you have for your life" that I had heard for eva'. Boy did He prove me wrong. He blessed me with the love of a man that I had prayed for since I was a little girl. Not saying that things are always perfect or peachy ALL the time,{ fun would that be...right?}
but he is what I prayed for, and 2 very handsome sons, that I could not be more proud of. I prayed for a man that loves God, a good father and someone to love me like my daddy did. God delivered!! Rik does love God, is a great father and thinks I am GREAT!! Not exactly sure why, there are days I do not even like me. But, it seems like yesterday we were reunited after about 10years of not seeing one another. We grew up together, his cousin was my best friend and we had a crush on each other when we were in school.( A big story for another day,it is good) When we got married the kids were 4, 6,6,8. Now they are becoming their own people. They all have dreams of careers, talk about how many grand babies they are going to give us and talk about going away to college. This is a real sappy time of year for me. I hate when leaves begin to fall, flowers die, the sun hides most of the time and it is COLD!! Keep in mind I am a beach, pool, suntan and FUN type of girl. Winter brings me down! LOL
I LOVE SUMMER!! So forgive me if some of my post are lengthy, sappy and some may even depress you {haha}. The thing that I miss most about times passed is my Daddy. I was extremely close to him and he passed away almost 14 years ago. I miss him as much today as the day my life changed forever, March 15, 1995. 14 years.......where does the time go?.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Burned out!

OK it has been a few days since I have blogged. Keep in mind it is not because I HAVE NOT NEEDED TO, I just have not had the time. Having 4 kids is like living in a full time carnival MOST of the time. Now let me start by saying, I love them all, they are great, perfectly ANGELIC most of the time and keep me busy ALL of the time. Let me just say {as the Angles sing}"HALLELUJAH" FOOT BALL SEASON IS OVA!! This means football cheer season is OVA!! This is the true need for rejoicing. If any of you have been at our games and seen our cheerleaders or my less that happy reaction to attitudes of CHILDREN, you know my cause for celebration. I am burned out with the whole ordeal!! I know Tay LOVES to cheer, however, I would not be a bit upset if she never did it again. Girls are more petty and mean that I remember them being when we...well I was young. The fact that parents can sit and watch their children be disrespectful and rude to ADULTS and either laugh at or provoke the behavior.........IS BEYOND ME!! Ok, Let me just say that this is a situation I have to pray about before, during and after EVERY stinking game. Thank God football is over and God help us for basketball season.
Now with that being said. I really need guidance and prayer for my decision that has to be made with my college and career path choice. I have 1 week to register for classes that will get me to my end result. Here is the deal, I know that I have mentioned it in an earlier post but here goes, I have 2 classes left to take me to clinical's and degree as RN, a few semesters for Special ed teacher. Special needs children is my desire and passion. If I finish for RN I can take 2 extra classes and also graduate with an Associates in Occ. Therapy as well. Autism and Down Syndrome children is where my herat is. If there are any teachers or RN's out there, and I know there is, HELP! Which do you think the better path is to get me where I want to go.
i need prayers and advice. Thank you in advance for both. LOL. Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My cup runneth over!

My hubby and I!

Us again!!
Here are a few family photos. This way when I am talking to you about my fam, you can have a mental picture to put with it!!

Ok. I am a proud mom. Saturday night was the Calender Pageant at our school. Meg(9 almost 10) the youngest and then Tay(12 almost 13) is the oldest were both in it. Meg is upper el. and Tay is Jr. high.

She has never really like being in pageants, so they are just random and few and far between for her, however, Tay in the other hand LOVES them. She really does not care is she wins first place or not,. She just loves the "princess" effect of the whole thing. The dress,hair and make up is what she LOVES. YES....I am afraid she is like me .....GIRLY. I have always loved the hair, clothes and jewelry.
I have never liked being the center of attention, now do not get me wrong, and maI love to laugh and make people laugh, but i do not want MALL EYES IN THE ROOM ON ME! I was always in pageants when i was young too, and loved it then, but never as much as my oldest princess!
So on to the end, Meg won Jan. Which is the equivalent of 1st place. After cover girl.

This was just like her third or forth "big girl" contest. She was in alot when she was younger, but when she got older I decided to let her tell me when she wanted to do it. So to every ones surprise, she wanted to do this one! She done well!!! I am SO very proud of her!!


She won Cover Girl in her Jr. High division. We were very excited. We were (her dad,step mom, Rik(my hubby, her step dad) her aunt) were standing there waiting for the winner to be called, they called Jan, heart sank , I was unaware of cover girl in EVERY category. Keep in mind when I was in school, they had an El. cover and High School Cover. Any way, then they said Cover Girl....and I about squealed out loud. As I did when Meg won January. It was about more than I could take in one night. I'm not sure about all of you, but if you are involved in these thing, pageants,..the build to the final moment is almost too much to take. I am always way more nervous that either girl. It is almost as if I am the one being judged not them. Strange. or Maybe it is the fear of the let down they may feel if they do not do as well as they hoped for. NOW with all that being said, We do not put other peoples perception at the top of the list. We do know that inward Godly beauty is THE MOST important thing, and that contest are JUST for fun!!! KNOW THIS!

I am very proud of both of them. I may be partially due to them being mine, but as beautiful as I think they both are outwardly, they are 10 times that beautiful on the inside. They are both Christians and love God with their whole heart, and I know as well as they do, that is the most important thing. I think you keep FUN in the equation with pageants, it will be fine.

Now on to Deb's blog, REPORT cards. We are celebrating as well. All four of my babies done really well. The 3 youngest always do very well, but we have had to work with the oldest man child. School has been a struggle to say the least. NOT because he can't......he just hasn't. He has alot going on in life for the past several years that has altered who he is, by the grace and blessings of God, we received full custody of the boys in December of last year. I just want to shout it form the roof tops.....we went from barley passing every year since 1st 3 B's,2 A, and 1 C. GOD is GOOD!!

Can I get an AMEN!!!

I could not be more proud of ALL 4 of my babies!!

God is good and my cup runneth over!!
A few more Family pics:
1st: Meggy and Kallie, her little sister!

2 and: Tay, Meg and their precious little sister Kallie!! We ALL love her bunches!!

3 rd: My VERY handsome boys!! D is on left and Trev is on right!!

4 th: My hot HUBBY!
5 th: "Diddy" and our babies.!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Ok. First I want to say thank you to all the girls that made me feel so welcome last night! I had a GREAT time! Fun is my thing.I love to visit, laugh and talk ....I am sure you all find that a bit surprising, because I am so quiet and I usually am a little more reserved the first few times I am around people I am not use to hanging out with. BUT, you have to keep in mind it HAS been a while since my last bit of freedom!
It is so fun to share stories with girls about one another's families. There were a few KEY stories told last night that will forever be burned in our memories.
Wendy has assured us she will never look at "finger foods" the same. LOL. And the "Coxxic"( other wise known as coccyx the pelvic bone) has never been so funny. It is a family joke that we LOVE to laugh about...and now you girls know too.
The things that kids do and come home talking about not only sets you back sometimes, but it is great material to laugh with your friends about! It is great.
I just want to say that I am very thankful that God has seen the need in my life for a church where I can be involved in more "church" activities. For so long , being a youth pastors wife, that is all I had time to do. Be a youth pastors wife and keep it running. Now that we are able to just go to church and be fed, it is an answer to my prayers to be able to take the time to form friendships with ladies in the church and just be fed for a while! God is good to me and I am thankful for all His blessings in my life. Sometimes we have to step back, breath, and reassess the situations to see the REALNESS of God in every situation. I have found that to be true in may situations over the years. Just when I think He has forgotten me, He shows up and shows out! Gives me far more than I ever asked for. He has told us if we are faithful to Him, He will be faithful to us. He has always proved that to me, just when I needed it most.
Thank you for all the laughs girls, Happy Preacher (and Wife) Appreciation day!, and I CANNOT WAIT TILL NEXT MONTH GIRLS!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

hello again!

ok. So i did not make it back yesterday, but if you now me you know my house is CRAZY!!
So anyway, today is my first official outing without my hubby,kids or mom since May of 06! really I know this is sad. But that is not the best kids...2 of them want to go and the other 2 do not understand why in the world I would WANT to go without them. If i were them i would be high 5'ing the heck out of one another behind my back. I am sure a little alone time will do us ALL some good.
I am still in the middle of a "degree crisis". I have till December to decide exactly what I need to do to finish school, and which path to go down.
Prayer is all i can say. ALOT of prayer.
My life is crazy and funny. Ok I feel like a 16 year old getting ready for my first date. ( pathetic I know).Is it strange that I am so excited about my outing?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My first day!!

Ok. (high 5'ing myself)

I have figured this out,all on my own. will be proud! To catch you all up on my day thus is a post I left for my friend

"The Preachers Wife"

Michealle Phillips said...
Ok Lisa, you would have thought the venting from yesterday(which i'd like to again say thank you for)would have been enough.....but OHHHH NO!!!obviously not. I had to call Mrs.D at the el. school to get my field experience schedule....and you guessed it, I fell apart and went on the rampage talking about my "teacher" and then preceded to tell her how I thought she must be in Kahootz(I'm sure this is NOT how you spell this, but you know i am not mentally stable this week) (haha)....( and just think your son was in my care lol.) with the "DARK ONE"any whooo,I begged her not to tell the "man teacher" that i will be observing that i had my little break down on the phone, he already knows that i am fragile and i do not need HIS rejection i have to get my 6 days in. I am not positive, but as usual when I have to call has to be her laugh for the day.I am usually in a tizzy about something that is soooo terribly wrong.(on who's scale....not sure)Thankfully she is a Godly woman and she laughs to my face and not behind my back.My little 5 min intention turned into about 30min (non intended)rant.(kind of like this short response to your blog you asked for right???ha) But , she was great about it and when i thanked her for my therapy, she graciously said (while laughing under her breath)"You are welcome".{Note to self:I have got to get one of these venting pages...i mean blogs}On to the hangers; Has any of you ever seen Mommy Dearest.....i 'm sure i do not have to say...type....another word. Yep, MUST...SEE.... FRONT....OF....SHIRT. (that is my Dark personality speaking ..)I do not know why it drives me so crazy, i wish i was OCD about things that really matter...i don't DIETING!! buuuuttt, I'm not. The gas thing, yes that is me as well. I am so bad, I drove off and left one of my kids the other day. High light to that, I went back and got them, and I do have 3 more.....JUST KIDDING, I love all 4 of them.OK, let me know how to set one of these babies up. I need to talk, i know you would not guess that, but i do not get alot of adult conversation, it must be PAINFULLY clear i need it! both the conversation and a blog page!See ya tonight at game!
October 14, 2008 10:19 AM

So as we all can clearly see.....I have conquered the blog set up!
Ok..I must take a math test now that I have been playing since the kids got on the bus at 7:15.
I'll be back tomorrow! This will be fun!