Friday, October 17, 2008


Ok. First I want to say thank you to all the girls that made me feel so welcome last night! I had a GREAT time! Fun is my thing.I love to visit, laugh and talk ....I am sure you all find that a bit surprising, because I am so quiet and I usually am a little more reserved the first few times I am around people I am not use to hanging out with. BUT, you have to keep in mind it HAS been a while since my last bit of freedom!
It is so fun to share stories with girls about one another's families. There were a few KEY stories told last night that will forever be burned in our memories.
Wendy has assured us she will never look at "finger foods" the same. LOL. And the "Coxxic"( other wise known as coccyx the pelvic bone) has never been so funny. It is a family joke that we LOVE to laugh about...and now you girls know too.
The things that kids do and come home talking about not only sets you back sometimes, but it is great material to laugh with your friends about! It is great.
I just want to say that I am very thankful that God has seen the need in my life for a church where I can be involved in more "church" activities. For so long , being a youth pastors wife, that is all I had time to do. Be a youth pastors wife and keep it running. Now that we are able to just go to church and be fed, it is an answer to my prayers to be able to take the time to form friendships with ladies in the church and just be fed for a while! God is good to me and I am thankful for all His blessings in my life. Sometimes we have to step back, breath, and reassess the situations to see the REALNESS of God in every situation. I have found that to be true in may situations over the years. Just when I think He has forgotten me, He shows up and shows out! Gives me far more than I ever asked for. He has told us if we are faithful to Him, He will be faithful to us. He has always proved that to me, just when I needed it most.
Thank you for all the laughs girls, Happy Preacher (and Wife) Appreciation day!, and I CANNOT WAIT TILL NEXT MONTH GIRLS!!!


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I am glad you had as much fun with us as we did with you!! Your family is such a blessing to mine - especially since you are half raising my

Love you friend!;)

Brooke said...

Just found your blog....did you tell me you had one?
Anyway, this was a fun night! I laughed until I thought I was having an that how you spell that? ha

Didn't see you at Trunk or Treat! I finally blogged....well I had some pretty big retardedness to report....Gah.....Idiot....(napolean style)