Thursday, October 16, 2008

hello again!

ok. So i did not make it back yesterday, but if you now me you know my house is CRAZY!!
So anyway, today is my first official outing without my hubby,kids or mom since May of 06! really I know this is sad. But that is not the best kids...2 of them want to go and the other 2 do not understand why in the world I would WANT to go without them. If i were them i would be high 5'ing the heck out of one another behind my back. I am sure a little alone time will do us ALL some good.
I am still in the middle of a "degree crisis". I have till December to decide exactly what I need to do to finish school, and which path to go down.
Prayer is all i can say. ALOT of prayer.
My life is crazy and funny. Ok I feel like a 16 year old getting ready for my first date. ( pathetic I know).Is it strange that I am so excited about my outing?


Ducks and Books said...

Hey Chicka! So glad you went with us last night! I hope you have a wonderful Friday!!! See you soon!

Cheryl said...

Jenny told me about your blog! Can't believe I didn't know this as I thought I knew everything!!hahaha I heard all of you had a wonderful time last night. I will try and catch the next trip. Hope you have a wonderful day. See ya Sunday!

Deb said...

I had a ball last night. You really do need to get out more (with us) cause you are stinkin' hilarious! I love to laugh and hear other family stories! What better laughs can we have than at ourselves & our kids!! Till next time.....