Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My cup runneth over!

My hubby and I!

Us again!!
Here are a few family photos. This way when I am talking to you about my fam, you can have a mental picture to put with it!!

Ok. I am a proud mom. Saturday night was the Calender Pageant at our school. Meg(9 almost 10) the youngest and then Tay(12 almost 13) is the oldest were both in it. Meg is upper el. and Tay is Jr. high.

She has never really like being in pageants, so they are just random and few and far between for her, however, Tay in the other hand LOVES them. She really does not care is she wins first place or not,. She just loves the "princess" effect of the whole thing. The dress,hair and make up is what she LOVES. YES....I am afraid she is like me .....GIRLY. I have always loved the hair, clothes and jewelry.
I have never liked being the center of attention, now do not get me wrong, and maI love to laugh and make people laugh, but i do not want MALL EYES IN THE ROOM ON ME! I was always in pageants when i was young too, and loved it then, but never as much as my oldest princess!
So on to the end, Meg won Jan. Which is the equivalent of 1st place. After cover girl.

This was just like her third or forth "big girl" contest. She was in alot when she was younger, but when she got older I decided to let her tell me when she wanted to do it. So to every ones surprise, she wanted to do this one! She done well!!! I am SO very proud of her!!


She won Cover Girl in her Jr. High division. We were very excited. We were (her dad,step mom, Rik(my hubby, her step dad) her aunt) were standing there waiting for the winner to be called, they called Jan, Feb....my heart sank , I was unaware of cover girl in EVERY category. Keep in mind when I was in school, they had an El. cover and High School Cover. Any way, then they said Cover Girl....and I about squealed out loud. As I did when Meg won January. It was about more than I could take in one night. I'm not sure about all of you, but if you are involved in these thing, pageants,..the build to the final moment is almost too much to take. I am always way more nervous that either girl. It is almost as if I am the one being judged not them. Strange. or Maybe it is the fear of the let down they may feel if they do not do as well as they hoped for. NOW with all that being said, We do not put other peoples perception at the top of the list. We do know that inward Godly beauty is THE MOST important thing, and that contest are JUST for fun!!! KNOW THIS!

I am very proud of both of them. I may be partially due to them being mine, but as beautiful as I think they both are outwardly, they are 10 times that beautiful on the inside. They are both Christians and love God with their whole heart, and I know as well as they do, that is the most important thing. I think you keep FUN in the equation with pageants, it will be fine.

Now on to Deb's blog, REPORT cards. We are celebrating as well. All four of my babies done really well. The 3 youngest always do very well, but we have had to work with the oldest man child. School has been a struggle to say the least. NOT because he can't......he just hasn't. He has alot going on in life for the past several years that has altered who he is, by the grace and blessings of God, we received full custody of the boys in December of last year. I just want to shout it form the roof tops.....we went from barley passing every year since 1st grade...to 3 B's,2 A, and 1 C. GOD is GOOD!!

Can I get an AMEN!!!

I could not be more proud of ALL 4 of my babies!!

God is good and my cup runneth over!!
A few more Family pics:
1st: Meggy and Kallie, her little sister!

2 and: Tay, Meg and their precious little sister Kallie!! We ALL love her bunches!!

3 rd: My VERY handsome boys!! D is on left and Trev is on right!!

4 th: My hot HUBBY!
5 th: "Diddy" and our babies.!


Deb said...

I love the pictures & your post!! The girls are beautiful princesses and very tastefully dressed! I am very proud for you that they won. I almost cried reading this! Ok, one thing you need to know is I cry over EVERYTHING!!! And it is contagious! Ask Brooke & Tammy!!

Cheryl said...

What a beautiful family you have. I heard about the girls winning and was soooo proud! I really enjoyed T being in the DRAMA. She is a sweet girl! Thanks for sharing her!! See ya Sunday!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

What great family pics! I am so proud of the girls! Of course my goofy son didn't tell me anything about their being in a pageant or we would have come! :))

Love ya!

Deedra said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! It's fabulous! It's therapy, and it's free...what could be better, right? Your family is beautiful! We are so glad to have you guys at church! I never seem to get around to greet you guys, I'm either getting Rambo to stay in the nursery during greeting song, or surrounded by the baby snatchers after church..lol! I was so excited to hear that you came to the Angels thing the other night! I hate that I missed it, I'm always up for a fun night out. (Lord knows I don't get enough of them!)

Your girl's dresses are just beautiful too! Congrats to them on their win! I have a blog too. I hope you'll enjoy this little "hobby" as much as I have for the past couple of years!

Karri said...

Hey sista! I heard you were the life of the party at the angel gathering. I am sorry I missed it too. I had to work, but I am with Deedra. Girl nights are too few and too far between. So save some of your funny for next time! Your family is absolutely gorgeous! I am so glad ya'll have been coming to church at Ider. Jason says the girls and the boys are really good in the youth group. We didn't know the girls were in the pagent either. Tell them we said congrats! I have just recently started blogging myself. Its so much fun. Hard to find the time to do it sometimes, but it's a release. So happy blogging, I'll be looking for new posts! P.S. My comments are not usually this long!