Friday, October 31, 2008

Where does the time go? it just me or is everyone AMAZED that Thanksgiving, Christmas and January 1,2009 is just around the corner???? I know I am about to sound not only like my mother, but my GRANDMOTHER as well, WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? My children changing before my eyes, I not only look older but I feel older. My birthday is coming up on Christmas day,although I will only be 34 I am hoping it is true what they say that when you hit the big 4~0: You will find life is as it should be, you know who you are and are comfortable in your own skin. Not looking forward to being 40, just all the perks I have "heard" that comes with them. LOL Keep in mind I do not think 40 is old by any means, keep in mind , my father was 22 years older than my mom, so old has always been like 80 to me, BUT the older I get the "old" # keeps going up!!! lol
I just know when I am 40, my babies will be 19, 18, 18 and 16. I am not ready for them not to be my babies anymore. But I am excited however, God willing, to see them grow and find their own paths in life, spouses, careers and babies of their own. {I could wait about 20 years to be GRAN!! that cannot go without being said!!}
I never knew that I would have the privilege to raise 4 kids. I knew I always wanted a big family, but when the girls dad and I divorced, I thought that the 2 beautiful girls God had blessed me with would be it, BUT OH NO!!!, He had other plans for me. I guess this goes back to the old"God has a better plan for your life than you have for your life" that I had heard for eva'. Boy did He prove me wrong. He blessed me with the love of a man that I had prayed for since I was a little girl. Not saying that things are always perfect or peachy ALL the time,{ fun would that be...right?}
but he is what I prayed for, and 2 very handsome sons, that I could not be more proud of. I prayed for a man that loves God, a good father and someone to love me like my daddy did. God delivered!! Rik does love God, is a great father and thinks I am GREAT!! Not exactly sure why, there are days I do not even like me. But, it seems like yesterday we were reunited after about 10years of not seeing one another. We grew up together, his cousin was my best friend and we had a crush on each other when we were in school.( A big story for another day,it is good) When we got married the kids were 4, 6,6,8. Now they are becoming their own people. They all have dreams of careers, talk about how many grand babies they are going to give us and talk about going away to college. This is a real sappy time of year for me. I hate when leaves begin to fall, flowers die, the sun hides most of the time and it is COLD!! Keep in mind I am a beach, pool, suntan and FUN type of girl. Winter brings me down! LOL
I LOVE SUMMER!! So forgive me if some of my post are lengthy, sappy and some may even depress you {haha}. The thing that I miss most about times passed is my Daddy. I was extremely close to him and he passed away almost 14 years ago. I miss him as much today as the day my life changed forever, March 15, 1995. 14 years.......where does the time go?.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Burned out!

OK it has been a few days since I have blogged. Keep in mind it is not because I HAVE NOT NEEDED TO, I just have not had the time. Having 4 kids is like living in a full time carnival MOST of the time. Now let me start by saying, I love them all, they are great, perfectly ANGELIC most of the time and keep me busy ALL of the time. Let me just say {as the Angles sing}"HALLELUJAH" FOOT BALL SEASON IS OVA!! This means football cheer season is OVA!! This is the true need for rejoicing. If any of you have been at our games and seen our cheerleaders or my less that happy reaction to attitudes of CHILDREN, you know my cause for celebration. I am burned out with the whole ordeal!! I know Tay LOVES to cheer, however, I would not be a bit upset if she never did it again. Girls are more petty and mean that I remember them being when we...well I was young. The fact that parents can sit and watch their children be disrespectful and rude to ADULTS and either laugh at or provoke the behavior.........IS BEYOND ME!! Ok, Let me just say that this is a situation I have to pray about before, during and after EVERY stinking game. Thank God football is over and God help us for basketball season.
Now with that being said. I really need guidance and prayer for my decision that has to be made with my college and career path choice. I have 1 week to register for classes that will get me to my end result. Here is the deal, I know that I have mentioned it in an earlier post but here goes, I have 2 classes left to take me to clinical's and degree as RN, a few semesters for Special ed teacher. Special needs children is my desire and passion. If I finish for RN I can take 2 extra classes and also graduate with an Associates in Occ. Therapy as well. Autism and Down Syndrome children is where my herat is. If there are any teachers or RN's out there, and I know there is, HELP! Which do you think the better path is to get me where I want to go.
i need prayers and advice. Thank you in advance for both. LOL. Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My cup runneth over!

My hubby and I!

Us again!!
Here are a few family photos. This way when I am talking to you about my fam, you can have a mental picture to put with it!!

Ok. I am a proud mom. Saturday night was the Calender Pageant at our school. Meg(9 almost 10) the youngest and then Tay(12 almost 13) is the oldest were both in it. Meg is upper el. and Tay is Jr. high.

She has never really like being in pageants, so they are just random and few and far between for her, however, Tay in the other hand LOVES them. She really does not care is she wins first place or not,. She just loves the "princess" effect of the whole thing. The dress,hair and make up is what she LOVES. YES....I am afraid she is like me .....GIRLY. I have always loved the hair, clothes and jewelry.
I have never liked being the center of attention, now do not get me wrong, and maI love to laugh and make people laugh, but i do not want MALL EYES IN THE ROOM ON ME! I was always in pageants when i was young too, and loved it then, but never as much as my oldest princess!
So on to the end, Meg won Jan. Which is the equivalent of 1st place. After cover girl.

This was just like her third or forth "big girl" contest. She was in alot when she was younger, but when she got older I decided to let her tell me when she wanted to do it. So to every ones surprise, she wanted to do this one! She done well!!! I am SO very proud of her!!


She won Cover Girl in her Jr. High division. We were very excited. We were (her dad,step mom, Rik(my hubby, her step dad) her aunt) were standing there waiting for the winner to be called, they called Jan, heart sank , I was unaware of cover girl in EVERY category. Keep in mind when I was in school, they had an El. cover and High School Cover. Any way, then they said Cover Girl....and I about squealed out loud. As I did when Meg won January. It was about more than I could take in one night. I'm not sure about all of you, but if you are involved in these thing, pageants,..the build to the final moment is almost too much to take. I am always way more nervous that either girl. It is almost as if I am the one being judged not them. Strange. or Maybe it is the fear of the let down they may feel if they do not do as well as they hoped for. NOW with all that being said, We do not put other peoples perception at the top of the list. We do know that inward Godly beauty is THE MOST important thing, and that contest are JUST for fun!!! KNOW THIS!

I am very proud of both of them. I may be partially due to them being mine, but as beautiful as I think they both are outwardly, they are 10 times that beautiful on the inside. They are both Christians and love God with their whole heart, and I know as well as they do, that is the most important thing. I think you keep FUN in the equation with pageants, it will be fine.

Now on to Deb's blog, REPORT cards. We are celebrating as well. All four of my babies done really well. The 3 youngest always do very well, but we have had to work with the oldest man child. School has been a struggle to say the least. NOT because he can't......he just hasn't. He has alot going on in life for the past several years that has altered who he is, by the grace and blessings of God, we received full custody of the boys in December of last year. I just want to shout it form the roof tops.....we went from barley passing every year since 1st 3 B's,2 A, and 1 C. GOD is GOOD!!

Can I get an AMEN!!!

I could not be more proud of ALL 4 of my babies!!

God is good and my cup runneth over!!
A few more Family pics:
1st: Meggy and Kallie, her little sister!

2 and: Tay, Meg and their precious little sister Kallie!! We ALL love her bunches!!

3 rd: My VERY handsome boys!! D is on left and Trev is on right!!

4 th: My hot HUBBY!
5 th: "Diddy" and our babies.!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Ok. First I want to say thank you to all the girls that made me feel so welcome last night! I had a GREAT time! Fun is my thing.I love to visit, laugh and talk ....I am sure you all find that a bit surprising, because I am so quiet and I usually am a little more reserved the first few times I am around people I am not use to hanging out with. BUT, you have to keep in mind it HAS been a while since my last bit of freedom!
It is so fun to share stories with girls about one another's families. There were a few KEY stories told last night that will forever be burned in our memories.
Wendy has assured us she will never look at "finger foods" the same. LOL. And the "Coxxic"( other wise known as coccyx the pelvic bone) has never been so funny. It is a family joke that we LOVE to laugh about...and now you girls know too.
The things that kids do and come home talking about not only sets you back sometimes, but it is great material to laugh with your friends about! It is great.
I just want to say that I am very thankful that God has seen the need in my life for a church where I can be involved in more "church" activities. For so long , being a youth pastors wife, that is all I had time to do. Be a youth pastors wife and keep it running. Now that we are able to just go to church and be fed, it is an answer to my prayers to be able to take the time to form friendships with ladies in the church and just be fed for a while! God is good to me and I am thankful for all His blessings in my life. Sometimes we have to step back, breath, and reassess the situations to see the REALNESS of God in every situation. I have found that to be true in may situations over the years. Just when I think He has forgotten me, He shows up and shows out! Gives me far more than I ever asked for. He has told us if we are faithful to Him, He will be faithful to us. He has always proved that to me, just when I needed it most.
Thank you for all the laughs girls, Happy Preacher (and Wife) Appreciation day!, and I CANNOT WAIT TILL NEXT MONTH GIRLS!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

hello again!

ok. So i did not make it back yesterday, but if you now me you know my house is CRAZY!!
So anyway, today is my first official outing without my hubby,kids or mom since May of 06! really I know this is sad. But that is not the best kids...2 of them want to go and the other 2 do not understand why in the world I would WANT to go without them. If i were them i would be high 5'ing the heck out of one another behind my back. I am sure a little alone time will do us ALL some good.
I am still in the middle of a "degree crisis". I have till December to decide exactly what I need to do to finish school, and which path to go down.
Prayer is all i can say. ALOT of prayer.
My life is crazy and funny. Ok I feel like a 16 year old getting ready for my first date. ( pathetic I know).Is it strange that I am so excited about my outing?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My first day!!

Ok. (high 5'ing myself)

I have figured this out,all on my own. will be proud! To catch you all up on my day thus is a post I left for my friend

"The Preachers Wife"

Michealle Phillips said...
Ok Lisa, you would have thought the venting from yesterday(which i'd like to again say thank you for)would have been enough.....but OHHHH NO!!!obviously not. I had to call Mrs.D at the el. school to get my field experience schedule....and you guessed it, I fell apart and went on the rampage talking about my "teacher" and then preceded to tell her how I thought she must be in Kahootz(I'm sure this is NOT how you spell this, but you know i am not mentally stable this week) (haha)....( and just think your son was in my care lol.) with the "DARK ONE"any whooo,I begged her not to tell the "man teacher" that i will be observing that i had my little break down on the phone, he already knows that i am fragile and i do not need HIS rejection i have to get my 6 days in. I am not positive, but as usual when I have to call has to be her laugh for the day.I am usually in a tizzy about something that is soooo terribly wrong.(on who's scale....not sure)Thankfully she is a Godly woman and she laughs to my face and not behind my back.My little 5 min intention turned into about 30min (non intended)rant.(kind of like this short response to your blog you asked for right???ha) But , she was great about it and when i thanked her for my therapy, she graciously said (while laughing under her breath)"You are welcome".{Note to self:I have got to get one of these venting pages...i mean blogs}On to the hangers; Has any of you ever seen Mommy Dearest.....i 'm sure i do not have to say...type....another word. Yep, MUST...SEE.... FRONT....OF....SHIRT. (that is my Dark personality speaking ..)I do not know why it drives me so crazy, i wish i was OCD about things that really matter...i don't DIETING!! buuuuttt, I'm not. The gas thing, yes that is me as well. I am so bad, I drove off and left one of my kids the other day. High light to that, I went back and got them, and I do have 3 more.....JUST KIDDING, I love all 4 of them.OK, let me know how to set one of these babies up. I need to talk, i know you would not guess that, but i do not get alot of adult conversation, it must be PAINFULLY clear i need it! both the conversation and a blog page!See ya tonight at game!
October 14, 2008 10:19 AM

So as we all can clearly see.....I have conquered the blog set up!
Ok..I must take a math test now that I have been playing since the kids got on the bus at 7:15.
I'll be back tomorrow! This will be fun!