Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My first day!!

Ok. (high 5'ing myself)

I have figured this out,all on my own. Lisa...you will be proud! To catch you all up on my day thus far..here is a post I left for my friend

"The Preachers Wife"

Michealle Phillips said...
Ok Lisa, you would have thought the venting from yesterday(which i'd like to again say thank you for)would have been enough.....but OHHHH NO!!!obviously not. I had to call Mrs.D at the el. school to get my field experience schedule....and you guessed it, I fell apart and went on the rampage talking about my "teacher" and then preceded to tell her how I thought she must be in Kahootz(I'm sure this is NOT how you spell this, but you know i am not mentally stable this week) (haha)....( and just think your son was in my care lol.) with the "DARK ONE"any whooo,I begged her not to tell the "man teacher" that i will be observing that i had my little break down on the phone, he already knows that i am fragile and i do not need HIS rejection i have to get my 6 days in. I am not positive, but as usual when I have to call her...it has to be her laugh for the day.I am usually in a tizzy about something that is soooo terribly wrong.(on who's scale....not sure)Thankfully she is a Godly woman and she laughs to my face and not behind my back.My little 5 min intention turned into about 30min (non intended)rant.(kind of like this short response to your blog you asked for right???ha) But , she was great about it and when i thanked her for my therapy, she graciously said (while laughing under her breath)"You are welcome".{Note to self:I have got to get one of these venting pages...i mean blogs}On to the hangers; Has any of you ever seen Mommy Dearest.....i 'm sure i do not have to say...type....another word. Yep, MUST...SEE.... FRONT....OF....SHIRT. (that is my Dark personality speaking ..)I do not know why it drives me so crazy, i wish i was OCD about things that really matter...i don't know...like DIETING!! buuuuttt, I'm not. The gas thing, yes that is me as well. I am so bad, I drove off and left one of my kids the other day. High light to that, I went back and got them, and I do have 3 more.....JUST KIDDING, I love all 4 of them.OK, let me know how to set one of these babies up. I need to talk, i know you would not guess that, but i do not get alot of adult conversation, it must be PAINFULLY clear i need it! both the conversation and a blog page!See ya tonight at game!
October 14, 2008 10:19 AM

So as we all can clearly see.....I have conquered the blog set up!
Ok..I must take a math test now that I have been playing since the kids got on the bus at 7:15.
I'll be back tomorrow! This will be fun!

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Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Hey Michealle!

I AM so proud of you! :)) And of course you figured it out, you brilliant girl, you. I enjoyed getting to hang out with you Saturday. Hope I didn't wear out my welcome..lol

BTW -6:00 tonight...be there or be square! :)