Friday, October 31, 2008

Where does the time go? it just me or is everyone AMAZED that Thanksgiving, Christmas and January 1,2009 is just around the corner???? I know I am about to sound not only like my mother, but my GRANDMOTHER as well, WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? My children changing before my eyes, I not only look older but I feel older. My birthday is coming up on Christmas day,although I will only be 34 I am hoping it is true what they say that when you hit the big 4~0: You will find life is as it should be, you know who you are and are comfortable in your own skin. Not looking forward to being 40, just all the perks I have "heard" that comes with them. LOL Keep in mind I do not think 40 is old by any means, keep in mind , my father was 22 years older than my mom, so old has always been like 80 to me, BUT the older I get the "old" # keeps going up!!! lol
I just know when I am 40, my babies will be 19, 18, 18 and 16. I am not ready for them not to be my babies anymore. But I am excited however, God willing, to see them grow and find their own paths in life, spouses, careers and babies of their own. {I could wait about 20 years to be GRAN!! that cannot go without being said!!}
I never knew that I would have the privilege to raise 4 kids. I knew I always wanted a big family, but when the girls dad and I divorced, I thought that the 2 beautiful girls God had blessed me with would be it, BUT OH NO!!!, He had other plans for me. I guess this goes back to the old"God has a better plan for your life than you have for your life" that I had heard for eva'. Boy did He prove me wrong. He blessed me with the love of a man that I had prayed for since I was a little girl. Not saying that things are always perfect or peachy ALL the time,{ fun would that be...right?}
but he is what I prayed for, and 2 very handsome sons, that I could not be more proud of. I prayed for a man that loves God, a good father and someone to love me like my daddy did. God delivered!! Rik does love God, is a great father and thinks I am GREAT!! Not exactly sure why, there are days I do not even like me. But, it seems like yesterday we were reunited after about 10years of not seeing one another. We grew up together, his cousin was my best friend and we had a crush on each other when we were in school.( A big story for another day,it is good) When we got married the kids were 4, 6,6,8. Now they are becoming their own people. They all have dreams of careers, talk about how many grand babies they are going to give us and talk about going away to college. This is a real sappy time of year for me. I hate when leaves begin to fall, flowers die, the sun hides most of the time and it is COLD!! Keep in mind I am a beach, pool, suntan and FUN type of girl. Winter brings me down! LOL
I LOVE SUMMER!! So forgive me if some of my post are lengthy, sappy and some may even depress you {haha}. The thing that I miss most about times passed is my Daddy. I was extremely close to him and he passed away almost 14 years ago. I miss him as much today as the day my life changed forever, March 15, 1995. 14 years.......where does the time go?.


Deb said...

Just to let you know that 40 really is not old. Do you remember how old Reba McIntyre looked 20 years aga?? And look at her now! There is freedom that comes with 40, like you said knowing who you are and comfortable in your skin. Also, not being afraid of what people think when you speak your mind, (in love, of course)!! They just say, poor thing, she is getting old! And time is passing---way to fast.

Ducks and Books said...

First thought that ran through my mind when I read 'all' this.....she must have been bored today! I loved it that one minute your talking about this, then it was that! Hope you have a great weekend. I will be getting in touch about Tuesday.......don't really know how things are going to go, my grandmother is not well at all.

Brooke said...

I hate winter too! Mostly because my fat hiney has to put long johns on every day when I go to work!!!
I also love the part that I could be walking down the street delivering mail and it's so cold that snot is running down to your lip and you don't even know it....yeah, that's always cool.
Oh, and could we not talk about turning 40? I just turned 30 this year and I'm still not used to that yet!!!
Now when I'm reading one of those articles in a magazine and it groups you into ages...I'm no longer in the 20's...whaaaaaahhhh
Would I start back over though???
HECK NO!!!!!!!!!
(Gosh, this comment was like 40 miles long......)

michealle@Mom~of~4 said...

That is fine, long is good. Did you ever see the ones I use to leave Lisa....that is why I have my own blog...ha ha. Turning 30 just about got me. Not being able to say I was in my 20's.......OOOOMMMMGGGG!!!(use the valley girl twang when you read it...)(ha)
And Jenny, I was bored, depressed and trying on clothes JUST before I sat down to unravel. lol
And Brooke SNOT is always the most attractive accessory, NEVA forget that no matter what regular people try to tell ya!!!

Ducks and Books said...

BTW, I am looking forward to working with you Tuesday. I think we might have fun?