Saturday, December 6, 2008

babies from heaven

I just posted this comment on a girls blog that I go to church with.
I have taken out the names so it is a little different, but how it all happened is the same.

Through this tough time of year it is what i cling too.
It is almost too hard to think about daddy never getting to love my babies here, but to imagine that he has known and loved them from the start of their precious, precious lives is a great gift to me.
To think of all the love they miss from him here on earth is almost too much for me to bare.
So the thought of him knowing and loving them first up there, seems only right.
As much as he loved me....he loved them that much too.
It may not REALLY be the way it works, but how great would it be if it did.
This is going to be lengthy but here goes.
This is how my precious Tay explained to me how babies get here from heaven.

I got pregnant with Taylor about 2 months after my daddy and that, I truly believe was the only thing, aside from God of course, that got me through.
It was Gods grace and Him blessing me with Taylor that kept me sane.

So when I got pregnant with Megan 2 years later, we asked Tay what she wanted, a boy baby or a girl baby.

Now keep in mind when she was 2 or 3, she was really about 40. lol.
No really.
I had and elderly lady tell me one time at the beauty shop we were at that she was an old soul trapped in a little girls body. I have always believed that.

So on to my story,
when the questioned was asked her, what kind of baby she wanted, she replied” what ever paw paw mike wants us to have” I said what do you mean, you know paw paw is up in heaven, and she said “I know. He is up there with Jesus right now picking out our baby from the garden”

So at this point I was really interested in what my 2 year old was teaching me about how heaven works.

She then began to tell me how Jesus let the people in heaven who loves you the most go with Him to the BIG garden up there and pick out the little babies to send down here to make us happy.

I sat there crying as I am now, in awe of the sweetness of her idea of how she got here, and of how wonderful the thought of that is.
That even from heaven the people we love so dear, the ones that know us the best, gets to be a part of the most wonderful gift we receive.
Our babies.

I know that it must somehow be true, because the 2 babies I was so blessed to give birth too, are the most perfect fit for me. I could not have done a better job if would have gotten to special order them myself.

So at this time of year maybe the thought of your granny, momma, daddy, grand daddy or who ever you have loved and lost, being up there smiling down on you will bring you peace.

Because that is what brings me comfort.
For I miss my daddy more than most can imagine.

Maybe the thought of them not being able to be here to love your baby on earth, brings us such saddness, but thinking that they did get to love them there, in Heaven is a HUGE gift.

They loved you and them SO much that they picked that perfect baby out, out of all the babies to send to you and to me.

How great is our God!

I am blessed every time I think back to the innocent conversation with Taylor so many years ago.
Doesn't God know EVERYTHING we need right when we need it.
I needed that encouragement then as much as I do now!
God loves me that much!


Shaunta said...

It is amazing what kids can teach us! Thank you so much for sharing that with me. I have days where I just can't stand the thought of Clayton never getting to me Granny, but then I watch him sit and play and laugh with no one around, and I believe that she is playing with him then. I know Granny and God have had conversations about my sweet baby (and I know she had something to do with his birthday. I will blog that one later!), and all of that brings peace.

I think I want to go hug Taylor now! That was so sweet!

Tinika said...

I found your blog through The Preachers Wife and I am so very glad I did. This post was great. Thank you for sharing. I often would be sad when i would think about my papa not knowing my girls, being that him and I were so very close. But after reading this, I just feel better. I had never thought about it like that. But know that I do, I think your daughter was right. And I agree, God does know just what we need, just when we need it. So thanks again for sharing. =)

Be blessed in Jesus name,

Karri said...

Whew girl, you got me started cryin again! That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. Sweet sweet Tay. Thank you for sharing that, I really needed it this week. I was sad one day and Taegan ask me what was wrong and I said I was just missing mamaw and papaw. I said I missed mamaw's love. She said, why? mamaw's still lovin you from heaven. Sometimes my kids comfort me much more than I comfort them!

Deedra said...

What a beautiful post! I am so thankful that God does know just what we need, and WHEN we need it! He is so good!

I'm sending up special prayers for you this holiday season! I can't imagine how much you miss your dad! My own dad's father died at 60 and though he's never said it aloud, I think in the back of his mind, my dad wonders if he'll pass away at a young age too. (He's 53) I see it in his eyes. He treasures us, and he loves on his grandbabies with the knowledge that he's making memories every time he's with them.

Okay. Seriously. Between your post, Karri's comment, and thinking about my dad missing his dad all these years....I am bawling!

Cheryl said...

I enjoyed reading your post today. It is very comforting. You have the sweetest kids! I have really enjoyed my time with them. Thanks so much for sharing them with me! You are very blessed!

Noah's Mommy said...

what a beautiful story....and I know he is loving your babies through are loving them all the more for him....and I know he is so proud of them...

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Awww..that Taylor is one sweet darlin' girl.

And Meg's pretty special too. :))

And oh yeah. The boys. Musn't forget the boys. They rock. :))

This post just tenders my heart for all of us who have loved ones we miss. I just hold on to the thought, "..not much longer now.."

Anonymous said...

*sniff, sniff* Beautiful words! I am so happy to hear about what happened to your babies on the youth trip!!! Praise the Lord! Love you and Happy New Year!