Friday, December 5, 2008

That music......

in the stores is ALREADY driving me crazy. Along with alot of other girls, i have been reading alot of blogs where girls have taken the "vow".
The "vow"... that sounds mysterious hu?
The vow i am talking about is the "no bah hum bug vow". That sounds even funnier.
I have promised my self secretly,
{for I do not want to give my family false hope, lol}
that I will not let the materialistic part of Christmas or the stress of the hustle and bustle of it all get me CRAZY!!
But this stinking music in EVERY store you go in is just about to much to bare.
I mean come on, how may ways can you sing JINGLE BELLS, Winter Wonderland, Silent Night, and let us not forget The Little Drummer Boy?
and why do they have to a different beat and different styles of music, for EVERY song and.......i could go on and on but I think you get my point.

With the exception of the Little Drummer Boy, that one has always gotten on my nerves, I love all the other ORIGINAL songs.
Do we REALLY need that many versions of the same songs?
I am all about revamping and making things better, but COME ON!!
Ok,........................I have taken a breath and recited the "vow" in my head, I am back and I am better.
So on to Christmas. Is anyone as sick of hearing Happy Holidays as I am? Like it is a crime to say or write MERRY CHRISTMAS!
I guess they think just because it has Christ in it, for fear of offending someone, we should just drop the Christmas and make it Happy Holidays.
HELLOO, the Holiday is CHRISTMAS!!!
And when I see Merry X-Mas.........oh, don't even.
Well I am offended, they (who ever "they" are) are taking God and Christ out of everything and we just sit idly by and fuss about it. I do anyway. I mean I jump up on top of my soap box and dance around about things that infuriate me, but what do I really do to make it better. A whole lot of nothin'.
Ok, the laundry is calling my name. That is my rant for the day....I hope.
I hope my family does not read this and find out I have made a promise to be sweet and not get stressed till after Christmas, they will try to hold me to it.
So shhh, mums the word!!

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Baby Mama said...

I hear ya! There would be no holiday if it wasnt for Christ! CMON PEOPLE!!!!