Saturday, November 15, 2008

Reunion in Heaven.....

My ex-sister in law sent this to me today and I thought it was too funny.
{read this last}

Now on to my blessed Saturday,
Ok, I got to spend the day with some of the ladies at our church today. It was the ladies on the food committee, and i had a great time. I wish it could have been for happier circumstances.
It was for a after funeral dinner for my daughters step- great- grandmother and a member of our church.
Mrs.Jolley; She was 100 years and 7 months old.
As I sat there listening to the preachers talk about her and her life and how she had been saved for more than 86 years, all the things in her life she came to see pass, it was almost more than i could take.

As they described what a loving, Godly woman she was, I began to think of the times I was in her home and how kind and sweet she was too me.
I am the ex- wife of her NEW grandson-in-law.
( well about 9 years now, but still... the EX-wife)
Granted, if you know us, you know that we are not the "norm" of divorced families. We all have a VERY different relationship that most divorced families. We spend holidays, birthdays and any other time we can as a family.
We came to realize, it is not about us( my ex husband, his wife, me or my husband) it is ALL about our kids.
My ex-husband has a precious new baby {well, she is almost 3, but still our baby} that I love like she is mine.
God has given us a gift in our relationship. I love his new wife and thank God for our relationship that He healed and gave to us.
My daughters look at us and know that they are ok to love us all with out fear of hurting one set of parents or the other, and that is a good freedom to have. To be free to love everyone the same. God is a healing, giving and compassionate God.
God is good.

Grandma did not have to be the arm opened woman that she was to me, but she was.I thank God that she loved my daughters like they were her own flesh and blood, and OH MY how they loved her.

I pray today that God gives her family peace and comfort in the days and years ahead.
To keep His arms wrapped tightly around them and reassure them daily, that she is better off and know each time they think of her know that she is rejoicing with Him right now,in that exact moment.

My youngest daughter Megan, who is 10, has a hard time dealing with death and separation. On Wednesday night when I broke the news to them, she and I sat and cried for quite a while. I tried to explain to her that grandma Jolley was probably up in Heaven right now telling my daddy all about his beautiful, sweet grand daughters. The more I tried to console her, the worse I got. Just the thought of her being in heaven talking with my daddy, bragging on how much she loved the girls and catching him up on the things he has missed, was more than I could take.

You see, this is how I cope with death and loosing someone I love. I believe that God allows the people they loved the most that has already gone home, to be the one to come and get them. That when we go to sleep and open our eyes, the one we loved the most is the one there to take us to heaven to see Jesus.
He allows them to tell the ones who have missed so much all the great things that has gone on. To fill them in on all our good things in our life. So every time I loose someone I love, I am sure daddy gets to sit around and talk about the ones he loves the most, his babies. To take pride and joy in our blessings and accomplishments here in this life on earth.

So as I told Meg that I am sure grandpa Jolley was the one who came to get grandma, I was praying and putting my request in that when the day comes, and it is my time, I hope my daddy is the one who comes and tells me it is my time to go and that Daddy is the one who gets to take me by the hand and lead me through the transition from her to there.
Oh how I miss him every day. It is a consolation to know where he is and that he is not suffering anymore, but my flesh takes over and my heart aches.
I am thankful to God that I still have my mother here with me, and i pray for grandmas children that have had to bury both their mother and their father. May God touch their hearts and comfort them.

I just want to say again how I enjoyed my day with the ladies. Thank you for making me and my family feel so welcome and a part of your church family.
I am thankful that God has brought me to this place I am in my life. To have given me my family, children, friends and church.
Thank you God for your blessings on my life.


Karri said...

It's so hard to console someone else (even your own child) when you are hurting too. I am praying for your family's peace. Your family is very blessed to have an "unconvential" relationship. I think it is the most Christian thing that you all put your kids first. I am so glad ya'll have been coming to Ider Baptist. It's great to have other couples our age that we can relate to. God and the church family have blessed up so much since we have joined there. Tell Taylor I have her other hairbow made! I'll try to remember to bring it Wed. night. Love ya all!

Cheryl said...

I am hurting with you when you talk about your Dad. I have lost mine also. I still am blessed to have my Mom but I miss my daddy so much. We do have the confidence in knowing that we WILL see them again one day. That is such a relief. It helps me to deal with the loss. My Dad left me years ago and I still miss him. I can hardly see as I type through tears for you. Have a great week!