Monday, November 10, 2008


Good morning. I just want to start by saying I missed being at church yesterday morning. We went on a spur of the moment road trip to Mississippi. All my daddy's family live in Pontotoc, Ms, and that is where he is buried. I usually try to go about 5 or 6 times a year, keep in mind it only takes us about 3 1/2 hrs(maybe 4 if we have to make alot of pit stops, which this time we did!)to get there. We took our newest addition to the family, BRODY. He is our miniature Shih Tzu. No one has seen him yet and we cannot stand to think of him being cooped up in the house all alone for 1 full day and 2 we took him. But anyway, a friend of Rick's moved to Oxford, Ms to get married and go to Ole'Miss. Well we he got him a job at my cousins business and he called to tell us how much he loves it and how great my family is and how welcome they have all made him feel. WELL....that did it. Rick hung up the phone and i said"Let's go", he said, "NOW?!" Then i said"Yes, now!" Needless to say it took our kids all of 5 minutes to have their clothes, tooth brushes, ds's, ipod's, dvd player and pillows in the car. You see when I was a little girl we lived there and the people and the town is my favorite things on earth, {besides my mom, brother, husband and kids OF COURSE!!} and it is a favorite I have passed on to my husband and all 4 kids.
The town is the kind that I wish my, our, town was. Everyone works together to make it a better place to be and to raise kids in.
It was decorated for Fall. Every business in town and all the elementary classes made different types of scarecrows, it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. They have a big town square that is in the center of all the cute little stores and then big town hall and court house. In the center square is where all the schools' scarecrows were. I could go on all day but ....I think you get the point and the love I am am oooosing!
So we are home and part of my heart stayed behind.
Of course like always, the cemetery has to be the last stop to say good bye to Daddy and it kills me. That{the cemetery} has to be the hardest place on earth for me to go. Even though I miss and talk to him everyday, i guess it is the reality that goes along with the visit that is almost too much for me to bare. Walking away and getting in the car to leave feels like I am leaving him there alone.
This is an issue that I have that I am not sure is natural or if anyone else that has lost someone that they love more than life feels as well.
One day Ponototoc is where I will live and finally feel like I have "come home" too. Luckily, Rick and the kids love the thought of that as much as I do.
My family is great and I miss them
SOOOOOmuch when I am away too long.
We are going back in a few weeks for my cousins wedding and once again....I will have separation anxiety!
We are home and I want to thank God for a safe trip and a wonderful visit!!
PS:::by the way, a friend that I grew up with their and have always been close too when I visit, her mom has a Christmas tree farm and sells Christmas ornaments and other collectibles. I will give you the web site if you may want to go and look. My cousin is having a Christmas wedding and Saturday was her "Christmas" themed wedding shower, she received MANY gifts and alot were from the tree farm and a place different gift stores in town that order from a wonderful place called Southern living. This place has pottery pieces that are beautiful. You should take a look at both, they have wonderful things!! Hope you take a look and enjoy them as much as I do!! &


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm so glad you had a great trip. I love the feeling of returning to my roots. I get that way going to my dad's house because it sits on property that has been in our family since the 1860's. The town isn't that great but something about being on the land feels like coming home.

Going to check out those websites you mentioned! :))

Ducks and Books said...

Okay- 1st, yes I missed you at church yesterda, thanks for explaining. Now I don't have to call you.....that sounded bad, not meant to be though.
2nd, the little town sounds like Stars Hollow off of Gilmore Girls. I would love to live in a little town like that.
3rd, I will have to check out the sites too......
p.s. I need your e-mail addy, txt it to me!

Karri said...

Ponototoc sounds beautiful! So glad yall had a safe trip. I know exactly how you feel leaving the cemetery. I lost my mom and dad this past April and sometimes I just want to lie on top of the grave to be close to them. I know that sounds totally morbid, but I'm just sayin I know how it feels to miss someone so much your heart breaks every time you have to say goodbye, again! Everyone keeps sayin it gets better with time, but I'm still waiting. Anyway, we missed you, but I'm so glad you got to see your family and go back "home" for a visit. Have a great week.