Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jehovah Nissi....He reigns in VICTORY!!

These are some POWERFUL lyrics from one of my favorite songs. Every time I hear it i cannot help but become over whelmed. When i listen to this song and truly LISTEN to the lyrics, the Holy Spirit truly ministers to me in a HUGE way.
When I think of how Huge God is and how He is ALL things to me in literally breaks me in a way that i need broken. It brings me back to my knees and His feet.
We have to remember at this time in our lives and our country, that in ALL things God has promised us that He is in control. He is our provider, healer,peace, DELIVERER and most of all He WILL reign in VICTORY!!!
This is what we all have to remember to cling to and praise Him for. Give Him glory in all things. Things may not have turned out like we all may have wanted, BUT what we do have to remember is that GOD does NOT make mistakes, and even in this He is in control and it is for a reason.
God has given us a promise that He will not break.
He told us that good will come to all those who love and serve Him.
I have 4 children looking at me everyday, watching my actions and wondering how we will react to the country's decision on our new president. I am like alot of other people, what i disagree with it IS NOT because the winner is not white ;
It is what he and his party stands for. I feel like God has given us a responsibility as His children to uphold His commandments.
I would not have cared what color he is, he does not uphold God's law. THAT is what I have issues with.
With all that said, I have to try and teach my children that we accept all people no matter the color, to respect our elders and the leaders set in position above us.
What example will I be setting if i continually, everyday, whine and fuss and talk down or about the next president of the United States?
This is the question that keeps me in check.{in front of my 4 children with very open ears and watchful eyes}{LOL ...BUT really... i am trying}
Of course, anyone who knows ME knows, i tend to speak my mind on issues that I am passionate about.
It is either a blessing or curse, not sure.
We have to fight hard for what we believe and spread God's word and PRAY that He comes back soon, and pray that the next 4 years will be better that we all worry about, and remember that God is all things to all of us if we trust and seek Him.
Here are the lyrics that Rock my soul and bring me to my knees EVERY TIME i hear them.{ by the way, you can look up the song on u tube under Judy Jacobs videos. It is named Because of who you are.}{I hope you enjoy it as much as i do and you are blessed!!}
"Thank you, Jesus
Thank you, Lord
I Praise you, Lord
Because of who You are, I give you glory
Jehovah Jireh you are my provider
Jehovah Nissi you reign in victory
Jehovah Shalom you are my prince of peace
Jehovah Rapha you are my healer
Jehovah Shammah you are ALWAYS with me
Jehovah Sabaoth you are my strong deliverer"

Because of who you are I will give you Glory.


Deedra said...

Amen! Great post!....and I totally understand about the speaking your mind thing. I have the same blessing...or curse! haha!

Cheryl said...

Love your song! "Because of who YOU are I will give YOU glory" Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day! God Bless you and your family.

Ducks and Books said...

Hey Sis! I will have to go listen to the song later. It is like 5:58 in the A.M. and I don't think Britt wants to wake up to my listening pleasure. Anyways, I just caught up on you last 2 posts and I too had a great time at the Polls. My dad was so impressed with how many people you knew! Thanks for thinking about helping us and so glad we could help you! I think I need to go back to sleep now.......bye