Sunday, January 11, 2009

Behold THE Lamb!!

I love Dramas like no bodies business. This has always been one of my very favorites. This song is awesome all alone, but I LOVE TO WATCH THE DRAMA!!!!!
I hope you are blessed by this as much as I am. Love to see teens Prasin' Jesus!!
Just to explain if anyone seen this a few hours ago, before the video downloaded,
i was trying to cook supper for my fam and for dinner at church, clean and get kids ready for church AND blog at the same time!! Usually i can multi task, HOWEVER, obviously not today.
Because, my post went up without my video, and apparently it did not make much SOOOOOOOO,
Deedra, I hope this is better!! I ran in from church and fixed it!! Maybe this makes more sense!! LOL!!!


Deedra said...

It DOES make sense! Whew! I seriously thought I'd lost it for good! lol! I love this drama too! I've seen several different groups do it. Fyffe COG was the first, and their group is huge so it was awesome!! I left that place speechless!! I think our youth have done this one before, I keep having visions of Stephanie P. doing these movements...I may be on the wrong song though. One of my favs was when they did "I can Only Imagine" with the blacklight and Brad Durham singing the song...AWESOME!! I still get chills!

mom~of~4 said...

Rik' Aunt and Uncles' church does it also. It was the first group I ever seen do it. AWESOME. There is nothing like putting a drama with a song! I love it!!